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1. Pick a center diamond
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4. Then, call 888-DIA-EXCH to consult and purchase from a certified diamond expert.

Luxury and fine diamonds were never so inexpensive. Search through a wholesale diamond database of over 50,000 diamonds or call 1-888-DIA-EXCH. Select from dozens of gold, white gold or platinum and diamond settings in our settings gallery.

Chicago Diamond Exchange Best of 2007

If internet retailers owned their own inventory, they certainly could not afford to sell diamonds to you at cost. The Chicago Diamond and Jewelry Exchange owns no inventory, and no costs associated with owning inventory. Most industry professionals have access to the same diamonds for the same costs. We have the knowledge, network contacts and talent to find you the diamond that you need, and for cost ... period! Internet retailers typically charge between 20%-25% over cost for diamonds. Contact one of our Diamond brokers in Chicago today for diamonds at true cost.

The Chicago Diamond and Jewelry Exchange premium service option:

Whether you require professional design services or help with diamond education or choices, CHIDEXX also maintains a "brink and mortar" store presence in Chicago that provides a full line of fine designer jewelry as well as custom design services. Our design team offers non brokerage customers full service for their diamond buying experience at more than competitive pricing. As well, our store front services all CHIDEXX customers for life with all Jewelry services and carries a full line of distinctive designer jewelry.